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The birth of someday, the many sources of inspiration for a designer, and the stiff breeze of the north.


Interview 2019

I have been working in the design head office in Hamburg for over eight years and I was lucky enough to experience and help shape the founding of someday in 2015. For me personally, the market launch was a very special experience. I will never forget the moment when we handed over the very first collection to the sales department in Oelde. Nobody knew what the face of the brand would look like, let alone the collection. The tension and curiosity were palpable, but we were so proud of what we had achieved as a team.

As Head of Design, I organize and coordinate the collections in collaboration with the various someday teams. Each individual collection precisely matches our brand essence and at the same time picks up on new trend topics. As a team, we analyze trends and use them to develop collections that correspond to our someday DNA. An exciting thing about my job is that we designers are closely connected to the product from the first idea to completion. How does that look exactly? We are in close contact with our suppliers and accompany the product until it hangs on the shop floor.

For me, design is the implementation of an aesthetic concept that is always a step ahead of the zeitgeist. Personally, it is fascinating to look at sensitivity to social and cultural factors in addition to being up-to-date and creative. That is why a designer at someday should also be open-minded, engaged, committed and adopt visionary-thinking. A strong passion for fashion and a sure sense of trend are of course just as essential. 

When I was a child, I already had the desire to become a designer. I can remember that I preferred to play imaginatively with scraps of fabric, painted and drew a lot, and was immensely fascinated by my grandmother's sewing machine. Later my passion and sense for fashion, colour, and style developed from there. My path and my desire to study fashion design became clear to me. I studied at the JAK Academy in Hamburg, and today hold a degree in fashion design.

I find inspiration for my job everywhere; while travelling, at exhibitions, trade fairs, anywhere. People, cultures, artists or even social streams also offer inspiration for new designs. I go through life with open eyes and meet exciting people and personalities in my job.

Hamburg also enhances our creativity. The city is ideal as a location for our design head office – and not only because Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander came from the Hanseatic city. Hamburg is a diverse and lively city that benefits from cultural diversity, a special urban atmosphere and cosmopolitanism.

»Together with my team, I develop collections that correspond to our someday DNA.«


»I find inspiration for my job while traveling, but also through people and social trends.«

We work in a restored factory building, in which botanic tonics were once produced, located in the heart of Hamburg in the immediate vicinity of the Alster. The premises are large, spacious and clear. Since we are located on the upper floors, we sometimes have the feeling that we are looking over the roofs of Paris.

We are also lucky enough to work in a part of the city where we can go outside and are right in the middle of Hamburg life. It is perfect for our lunch breaks, as we can choose between a wide range of restaurants and individual cafes. As an alternative, we also have the opportunity to come together for a meal in our head office at our large community table. In summer, it’s also great to have a small lunch picnic on the Alster. 

After work I like to meet with friends, but I also like to switch off with yoga or let the stiff breeze of the north refresh me on a jogging tour on the Elbe. It gives me renewed energy to start the job again the next day, with lots of creativity.


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