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Flexible working conditions, game consoles for a creative break, and a workplace with a shared open character.


Interview 2016



I started at Simplicity in June 2016 and my memory of the first moment on campus is still very clear. I didn't find the door. Maybe that's because the campus doesn't look like an office building at all, but rather like a stylish home.

Why does the campus feel more like a home? There is an inviting kitchen and a large communal area that looks like a living room. The whole thing gets a kind of shared open character. Our offices are also ultra modern. The desks are even adjustable in height so that we can work standing up for a change.



I am also offered flexibility in working hours. I always come to the office very early because I like to start the day in peace. It gives me a good feeling for the day. At 10 a.m. there is a short meeting with all team members every day. There we discuss which projects we are currently working on, which tasks are due for the day and which challenges we are currently facing.

Generally, we try to work as structured as possible due to the high complexity of our software products. For this we use a ticket system, which is the starting point for our daily work. This allows us to define, edit or discuss tickets i.e. work packages, for individual people. If we need a little more focus, we can also change the work environment. Next door, in the logistic centre, we have a few more rooms we can retreat to.

But something you will only find in our office: a kicker and a playstation. We often use them shortly before the end of the working day. Then we often sit together, chat, play and go through the day again: what went well, what is still to be done? But these moments are primarily about having fun.

»We have everything we need here. Everything is so customizable that we can work really comfortably.«




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