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Interview 2016

It’s not only our special environment that contributes to a harmonious working atmosphere, but also the composition of our teams. When hiring new employees, we make sure that everyone’s values match our culture. We don't like those who will elbow others aside or walk over them. We believe that only if we pull together and work towards the same goals can we achieve the greatest possible success. This is also our motto OTOS: "One Team - One Spirit".

We are always looking for employees who want to support new ideas with us and who want to inspire our customers and partners. If you have a clear mindset, a structured way of working and a strong interest in new things, you have come to the right place. We are particularly looking forward to personalities with innovative applications and a strong statement. Where do you see yourself in two, five or ten years? Which direction do you want to go? Where are your strengths?

The application process usually looks consistent. First we conduct an initial interview with all potential employees. This introduction is about determining whether the mindset of our applicants complements our values and vision. In a second conversation, it becomes more concrete and technical. From the other side, this also gives applicants enough time to get an accurate picture of the company, our culture, and the job profile.



What can we generally pass on to our applicants? Expertise is important, but it can also be learned. That is why it is all the more important to us that applicants bring the right attitude to the job and to our brands. Mastering the technical side comes after that. We will fully support them in this, because further training strengthens our team and is made available both internally and externally.

How will you be integrated as a new team member? With us, all departments are closely connected. Clear structures and flat hierarchies ensure short decision-making processes. New employees are directly involved in all daily tasks and treated as full team members from day one. Cross-departmental meetings are also part of everyday life and this is how a dynamic team grows together with trust.

It is nice to see how our employees grow in their tasks and develop positively. We know that personal development has a large role to play in the satisfaction of our employees. Job profiles are therefore not set in stone with us. All employees can continuously develop their profile according to their skills and in collaboration with their supervisor.

»Expertise is important, but it can also be learned. Personality comes first at simplicity. «


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