Arrived in an architectural work of art

Vanessa – Goods Management someday


The first impression of the campus, a similar taste in fashion, and a food team that always spoils us.


Interview 2016



I have been working in goods management at someday for two years and still remember my first impression of the campus very well. I first drove around for while before discovering the main building. It is a little lower than the other buildings and is therefore somewhat hidden. Then, when the door opened, I thought I was entering an architectural work of art. I was absolutely blown away by the entrance hall.

There is also another reason why I will never forget the first impression. The HR manager who met me was wearing the same outfit as me. We were both wearing a white blouse and knitted cardigan. We even had the same braid. The managing director attended the interview and afterwards asked my future colleague whether I was her little sister. It loosened up the mood nicely. Since then, I have discovered matching outfits happen more often. The collections from OPUS and someday are always very well received and popular among the team. We're all on the same wavelength, and often have a similar taste in fashion.


The campus offers us varied spaces for work. What we could probably all agree on at any time, is that the Fire Lounge with its open fireplace and a view of the garden is the highlight on campus. However my personal favorite spot on campus is the jetty at the biotope. During our lunch break we all meet in the Social House at 12.30pm. Our food team then prepares unique, fresh buffets three times a week and occasionally surprises us with homemade muesli, delicious cakes or fresh waffles. We once invited a star chef who conjured up a 5-course menu for us, live. I still remember it well. However, I would still not trade our food team for any star chef in the world. Our cooks are our food fairies. They conjure up great recipes. It's really inspiring and we have even founded a group in which we can regularly exchange recipes and cook at home. My favourite recipe is a pear and feta salad with mint. I am always impressed by the seasonal and regional dishes on offer and how amazing the food always tastes. Sometimes they cook lunch for over 100 people and it never disappoints.

»Our flexible way of working is what characterizes our meetings. We move pretty quickly as many departments bring a breath of fresh air and work constructively.«


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