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Varied working days, the opportunity to constantly develop, and an agile meeting culture.


Interview 2016

I was able to witness how the campus developed and grew but my first visit to the finished site had a real wow effect. Everything was open and flooded with light. This is important to me because I want to be able to think outside the box in everyday work. We are also characterized by the openness in the team.

There is no typical working day at Simplicity. No day is like the other. Of course, all employees have a fixed area of ​​responsibility and daily routines, but generally we are used to continuously questioning and rethinking processes. In general, everyday work is demanding but not rigid. Things are never set in stone. Our guiding principle is that fashion is design in motion. We keep asking ourselves: Is what we're doing still state of the art at this point? Do we have to move on? How could our processes get better? It's something I learned during my time at Simplicity. We never stand still.


Sure, we have meetings that are established and take place regularly. But there are no round-up meetings. This may result in more fixed appointments, but they are short and sharp. This is how we get there quickly and I think it works quite well because we have flat hierarchies. This means that we are well connected with the other departments. We can also quickly pick up the phone and clarify issues so that we can continue working straight away.

This is what makes our team at Simplicity special; we can always approach each other. There is no team member where I feel I shouldn't speak to him or her. This is probably also because we all call each other by our first names. We all want to develop together, because success is a team matter.

»Most office doors are open. This means there is always a lively exchange.«


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