Campus Oelde

Simplicity Headquarter

Our headquarters is located in Oelde and is a coherent building complex, which is also affectionately called campus. Our campus is like a family home that invites you to work and live, but also reflects our values ​​and our sense of design.

Our campus is divided into different areas. The spacious Social House, our linchpin, impresses with varied meeting points. These rooms are open plan and integrated into the harmonious atmosphere. The Forest Lounge and the Fire Lounge offer a place for relaxation and recreation during the lunch break. The high table, the round table and the square table are particularly suitable for meetings. Several silent offices offer space for calm and concentration, as well as one-on-one discussions. The different departments are also divided into different building units. Our shelters are available to our guests with comfortable overnight accommodation.









Unser Weg




The architecture on campus is strongly based on our brand values ​​and is a reflection of our corporate culture, and the building materials used were specially selected. Natural materials such as stone and wood determine the impression of the rooms. The sequence of rooms was designed in such a way that the light impression changes again and again and the perception of the surrounding nature creates strength and inspiration. Contemporary art is also harmoniously integrated into the interior.

There are multiple works of art, statues and travel souvenirs present that all tell a story. The light-flooded offices and the puristic design create a very special atmosphere. All perspectives within the campus point in the direction of the green courtyards or directly to our nature park, which includes its own forest, wide green spaces and a water full of life. For vital and sporty breaks there is a beach volleyball field, a table tennis table and a boules area.




Our fashion outlet and our logistic centre, which are distributed across four halls, are located directly next to the headquarters on the 130,000 qm site.

Our goods arrive and are stored there, before being packed and shipped. Innovative technology in the form of an automated storage system ensures that we work as efficiently as possible.

Simplicity Studios

Professional photography, creative styling and unique design require a modern work environment, a competent and creative team and always an eye for special things. You can find everything at Simplicity Studios.

Whether on-location or in our in-house photo studio on campus - our creative team usually designs, plans and realizes the shootings first-hand. Regardless of whether we develop campaigns or want to present our products, our company or our employees.

Sky Office

Our technical know-how is located in the Sky Office. There, IT specialists are working on new, innovative solutions for our company.

Digital communication is particularly important in our Sky Office. Because our IT teams work together with other experts from all over the world. The workstations are equipped with curved screens and height-adjustable tables.


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