Mobility & Leisure

We are always on the move and we love flexibility. In order to support the mobility and leisure activities of our employees, we have introduced
various offers at Simplicity.

Be mobile

For the mobility of our employees, we have provided a MINI Cooper Cabrio and several e-scooters on campus, which can also be booked for private leisure activities. Also, for those who prefer to be sporty, as an employer we support the financing of a new bike.

Car Wash Service

With the Car Wash Service, our employees can have their car professionally cleaned. This is how we do a little bit to make our employees' leisure time more relaxed.

Laundry Service


Doing laundry in your free time? There are definitely nicer leisure activities.

That is why we have set up a personal laundry service. Shirts and blouses or woolen coats in particular require special care. With us, our employees can hand in their laundry in their personal laundry bag - after a few days they will be returned freshly washed and ironed. All at a particularly affordable price.

Always on the move

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