Health & Fitness

Regular exercise and a varied diet help you stay healthy.

That is why Simplicity offers a diverse sports programme and balanced nutrition for our employees.

Under the guidance of a professional fitness trainer, our employees can participate in various sports after working hours. For a creative and active break in between, our employees can use the campus boules area or the outdoor table tennis table. We all agree that sport offers a huge feel-good factor, both physically and mentally. Team sport and joint fitness training also strengthen the feeling of belonging.


A varied lunch menu is prepared for our employees and guests several times a week on campus.

When preparing food, the kitchen team focusses on creating delicious dishes with broad appeal. In addition, all menus are low in fat and rich in vitamins, and there is always something suitable for allergy sufferers and vegetarians.

In addition to these meals, there is plenty of fresh fruit available each day. The food team also regularly surprises everyone with snacks, fresh pastries or healthy smoothies at the coffee bar. Yum! By the way, there is also something to quench your thirst: filtered water on tap, even carbonated if you prefer. Our daily benefits also include free coffee specialties and a wide selection of teas.

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