No Duck Down

No Duck Down


We intentionally avoid the use of real duck down. They are considered to be the cheapest option and offer a very high isulation capacity and thus a high thermal effect.

However, there are also some more animal-friendly alternatives. After all, it is often the small details that make the difference. Our Puffer Jackets from the No Duck Down Collection (NDD) do not contain any animal materials. We use an innovative microfibre for the filling. This offers many advantages as it optimally regulates heat and is particularly light as well as washable. In comparison, real down often needs to be protected from moisture, otherwise it will clump and lose its thermal effect. The care is also more complex than with synthetic fibres.

Perfect outdoor companions

Moreover, the functional jackets are sporty, practical and very comfortable. Due to their water and wind repellent properties they are ideal for outdoor activities. They are available in different shapes and colours and can therefore be combined in a variety of ways. If required, the lighter versions can be easily stowed away in the enclosed bag. This makes our popular items Hula, Hanami, Harine and Hinja the perfect companions for the period of transition in spring and autumn. And completely free from a guilty conscience.

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