Future x Nature

Future x Nature


You care about our future? So do we!
That is why we have designed an
innovative collection.

We rely on future-oriented technologies and a selection of resource-saving materials. Made with organic cotton, Tencel , recycled polyester, BCI cotton and Ecovero viscose; we wear items of clothing that accompany us everywhere, can be combined again
and again, and always remain pure and expressive. Thanks to high-quality materials, long-lasting trends and timeless basics, our favourite pieces are preserved over several seasons.


Organic Cotton

Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

Cotton fabric is both durable and feels great to wear. Its popularity has led to vast amounts of cotton being grown in countries around the world. However, cotton plants typically require chemicals to protect them from vermin and weeds. On the other hand, organic cotton relies on agriculture without chemicals. This not only benefits the environment but also our skin, as wearing organic cotton fabrics reduces any chance of chemical irritation.

BCI Cotton

Why is an initiative like BCI Cotton so important?

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the world's largest sustainability initiative in cotton production. It supports cotton farms in switching to production methods that require less chemical usage and lower water consumption. This is something that everyone benefits from.

Future x nature

Blouse Finoru | Skirt Rookia

Future x nature

Jacket Hayana | Shirt Slowo | Skirt Rookia 

Future x nature

Sweater Piika | Trousers Majoola

Future x nature

Jacket Hayana | Shirt Slowo | Trousers Majoola

opus future nature collection

Shirt Salpha | Trousers Majoola

Future x nature

Shirt Sipes | Trousers Evita satin

Future x nature

Blouse Falesha 


What is the difference between Lyocell and Tencel?

Lyocell, much like viscose, is made from wood pulp, but in this case it is recycled wood. While this leads to lyocell being slightly less versatile, it allows the production of a recycled fabric that is as smooth, flowing and cooling as silk. Tencel is the brand name for lyocell from the company Lenzing, which operates a closed water and solvent production cycle - making their material even more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Recycled Polyester

Is recycled polyester made from
old garments?

Recycled polyester does not use any new raw materials and while recycled garments are sometimes used, most of the material is made from old PET bottles. This means fewer bottles end up in the garbage and at the same time spares other resources from being used, making it doubly sustainable.

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Ecovero Viscose

Why is Ecovero Viscose even better than regular viscose?

Ecovero is the brand name for viscose made by the company Lenzing, which is it made exclusively from sustainably grown wood fibres. But not only this. The material also fulfills the ‘EU Ecolabel’ criteria. In addition, Ecovero fibres are completely traceable throughout their existence.

Future x Nature

Blouse Friedi | Jeans Evita

Future x Nature

Jacket Hayana | Shirt Slowo | Skirt Rookia

Future x Nature

Shirt Slowo | Jeans Evita

Future x Nature

Shirt Simika | Trousers Majoola 

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