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Sustainability in fashion is not limited to paying attention to high-quality materials, choosing suitable production methods and relying on timeless design. Proper care for our clothes is also important in helping our favorite items last as long as possible.

Sustainable washing

Thoroughly caring for our laundry is the most important and natural action.

After all, clothes should accompany us for a long time. However, it is even more rewarding when the detergents used are as environmentally-friendly and healthy as possible. To this end, washing powder is far better than liquid detergent. It can be dispensed more sparingly, leaves no traces in clothing, can be packed in cardboard instead of plastic, and contains fewer preservatives and surfactants that then precipitate in the waste water.

Jeans care with ice cubes

The most effective step towards eco-friendly textile care?

Wash less. There are a few great tricks to keep well-worn favourite pieces fresh. For example, by putting your jeans on ice. The bacteria that cause unpleasant odours are more sensitive to cold than heat. In fact, they can actually survive at 30 to 40 degrees in the washing machine, but not the chilling temperatures of a freezer or ice cube bath. In addition, the jeans are subjected to less wear, the fibres are less damaged, and they stay in shape for longer.

Soap nuts

The traditional Indian method of cleaning laundry is washing with soap nuts.

The nuts contain washing-active substances that dissolve grease and light stains just as well as conventional detergents. The main difference: it is 100% plant-based. However, we should keep in mind that a greater European demand for soap nuts is causing the price of this product to rise sharply in India. Fortunately, there is a better, domestic alternative: chestnuts. Simply cut and place in a glass of water overnight until the liquid is milky. The natural substances for cleaning dissolve and make the water an environmentally friendly and inexpensive detergent alternative in just a few hours.

Sustainable soaps


Process the 50g olive oil soap into flakes with a grater and place in a bucket. Heat the 4 litres of water and pour it over the flakes while hot. Mix well with a whisk or blender until all flakes have dissolved. Now add the soda and stir again vigorously. Allow detergent to cool and place in an empty detergent bottle or similar container for storage. For each wash, 200ml to 250ml of this mixture is enough to remove stubborn stains.

Here is a very simple recipe for a sustainable, fragrant detergent made from unpacked olive oil pieces and washing soda:

  • 8 tablespoons washing soda

  • 50 g olive oil soap

  • 4 litres of water



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