Slow Food

Eating should be a conscious and enjoyable affair. That is why we offer freshly prepared meals made from regional ingredients every day.

Are you wondering what we eat every day? The ingredients for our meals and snacks come from local farmers, the weekly market, and small local traders. This strengthens the regional economy and minimises transportation. Seasonal foods from the region taste particularly good and have a higher vitamin content because they are fully ripe and fresh from the harvest. In addition, our meals are really varied, as we take advantage of the seasonal offers rather than always using the same foods.


Be supportive: Bee support.


There is also our own honey. We harvest it ourselves and have had our employees specially trained as beekeepers since 2015. Incredible, but true: These small, humble insects play a central role in maintaining our agriculture by contributing significantly to the pollination of crops and green areas. This makes it all the more alarming that the global bee population has been declining for years.

What do we do for a more bee-friendly environment? We support sustainable agriculture and offer insects an ecological home in our green spaces on campus. We are certified by the local beekeepers' association and during the training we worked closely with the Haus Düsse agricultural centre.

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