Save the forest

Our digital offices largely do without paper and plastic. Our clean desk policy and our paperless policy also contribute to this.

Digital and sustainable processes not only save paper and plastic, but also limit transportation impact. At the same time, constant optimisation benefits the conservation of natural habitats. That is why most of our documents are sent digitally and employee orders are picked up directly in the logistic centre. In addition, we have already planted over a thousand trees and hedges on our site, while preserving the existing nature as much as possible.



We have also thoroughly revised our packaging specifications. In order to conserve our environmental resources, we use every opportunity to save and recycle materials. We always make sure to use as little packaging material as possible. For the sake of the environment, we ship smaller orders using environmentally friendly plastic bags that are 100% recyclable.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to do without the plastic bags in which each item of clothing is packaged individually, because these primarily serve to protect the items of clothing. However, we are working on a better alternative. What we will completely abstain from in the future, are plastic films between the individual items of clothing and on the buttons or zippers. We have already gotten rid of the small, moisture-binding bags that were included in some items at the beginning of the year. And in our fashion outlet in Oelde, we do not use any plastic bags.


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