Green Mobility

Mobility is a question of good planning. With well thought-out transport routes and emission-free means of transport, we can make a significant contribution to climate protection.

We pay attention to environmentally friendly and efficient mobility and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. Our electric means of transportation are often used as a quick way to transfer between the different buildings on campus. The route planning for appointments off-campus is optimised so that we travel as few kilometers as possible. In addition, we encourage all of our employees to organise their way to work sustainably. We support carpooling, public transport, and the Jobbike scheme. 

A modern work culture includes smooth communication between all employees and a digital network. For this, our employees are equipped with the latest tools and programmes. For example, we use tablets, smartphones and online meetings to network with each other. This makes information exchange easier, faster and more sustainable at the same time.


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