Green Building Standard

Sustainable construction can have a positive impact on the entire life cycle of a building. We thought about the future early on and designed our buildings in an innovative and sustainable way.

With our headquarters in Oelde, we meet the requirements of the ‚Green Building Standard‘. This not only benefits nature and the environment, as sustainability also includes positive economic, health and social aspects.

Our green building consists exclusively of sustainable materials that have been developed and manufactured responsibly. Our green building is characterised, among other things, by a high level of resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water and materials.



For example, we installed a geothermal system for primary energy generation for independent heating and cooling of the campus, and installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our logistic centre. Through this, we cover most of the annual electricity consumption of the campus and the logistic centre. In addition, the heat generated warms the building on cooler days,


while in summer -with the exception of the server room - our headquarters requires no conventional air conditioning. We also try to keep the surrounding area as natural as possible. Our 10500m² wildflower meadow, 8800m² mixed forest, and 200m² biotope offers our employees a natural working environment and the local wildlife a varied living space.


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