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Soul Bottles


Water is essential. That is why we are committed to ensuring that people have access to clean water.

At the campus, we drink tap water that is filtered and filled into sustainable glass bottles. Our drinking bottles are called Soulbottles and are not only sustainable and climate-neutral, but also free of pollutants and plastic. In this way, we avoid the CO2 emissions that would otherwise arise when filling, transporting and packaging conventional water bottles. And besides, with every purchase of a Soulbottle, we make a contribution to a clean drinking water project.



PAUL Project

The fact is: Not all people can simply turn the tap on for clean water.

That is why we donate to the PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) drinking water project, funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation and implemented at the University of Kassel. A PAUL is a portable membrane water filter - a kind of water rucksack - that is used for humanitarian aid in third world countries and enables the on-site treatment of water. This means that regions of the world can also be supplied with clean drinking water that would otherwise be in short supply due to emergency and catastrophe situations.

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